Plant Research Centre, Jumla is under Department of Plant Resources;  Ministry of Forest and Environment (formerly known as District Plant Resources Office, Jumla) was established in 2056 B.S.

This organization is conducting and providing services in the field of research and development of plant resources in Karnali region.

It is a multidisciplinary organization comprising mainly of botanists, chemists,

Objectives and activities:

  • Resource survey and collection of plant materials and preservation of the specimens
  • Identification and certification of plant and its products
  • Establishment and maintenance of Botanical Gardens for ex-situ and in-situ conservation of rare, endangered, threatened and medicinal plants.
  • Technical support for sustainable utilization of plant resources through cultivation and processing; floriculture and landscaping.
  • Chemical and Biological researches for the utilization of medicinal, aromatic and other valuable plants.
  • Biotechnology research, improvement and propagation of plants of economic value.
  • Agro-technology development of important and medicinal plants to provide services to the farmers on techniques of commercial cultivation.
  • Conduction of trainings on plant resources conservation, management and provide garden services.
  • Information dissemination through publications on various aspects of  plant resources.
  • Bio-prospecting of plants of economic value.
  • Library service for public, researcher, policy maker and all concerned.