Welcome To District Plant Resources Office

District Plant Resources Office, Jumla is located in the northern corner of the Karnali zone, Jumla is surrounded in east by Dolpa, in west by Kalikot, in north by Mugu and in south by Jajarkot. Khalanga is the headquarter of the zone. District Plant Resources Office, Jumla lies in Thinke (2395m) at a walking distance from airport. DPRO Jumla conducts varoius Plant Research programme every year. The office succesfully developed the cultivation methodology for Valeriana jatamansii (Sugandhawal) and Delphinium himalayii (Atis). Likewise plant botanical descriptor for these two plants are also available. Recently DPRO Jumla also carried out plant survey of Jumla district & published a report. Report on ethnobotanical survey of Jumla also available.

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